Arches have been around since ancient civilization, so it is not surprising that they are emerging everywhere in the modern classicism interiors that are inspiring us once again.

This classic element is re-emerging in a simplified yet dynamic way. As a window or door frame, they are a classic statement to a home’s architecture. Windows not only add light and ventilation to a home, but allow homeowners to enjoy beautiful scenic views of their property and beyond. An arched window can set the stage for a home’s architecture, interior design, mood and appearance.

At ceilings and doorways, Arches provide interest and luxury. With an emphasis on sculptural shapes & clean simple lines, they provide the ultimate architectural feature to achieve this design aesthetic. Materials adapt beautifully to this shape and light defines its edges, creating shadows and dimension.

In Art & Sculpture, tone on tone palettes and dark matte surfaces will allow organic shapes to be distinguished by shadow. Arched niches carved into walls offer a unique shape for display and are complementary to the biomorphic shapes, vessels and urns that are very popular now. Furnishings are curvy and organic and adapt well to the rigid structures around them. With their modern, soft and malleable shapes in warm and tactile textures, they integrate wonderfully within arched spaces.

I am super excited to try out this re-emerging theme. Let’s work together to find ways to bring this iconic shape into your stylish & stunning interior spaces. Let’s connect and get started.