Homeowners are increasingly looking for ideas to support their personal well-being. Our daily dose of self-care in a meaningful and serene space will calm your breath, heighten your awareness and improve your mental health. In this blog post, I offer my design tips for creating the ultimate sanctuary for your meditation, relaxation and daily wellness practice.


Colour is just one of the many ways to infuse a calm and relaxing aura into your space. Choose colours to encourage tranquility. Light green and blue create a feeling of relaxation, Pink lifts spirits, Classic white conjures clarity and Warm gray is equally soothing and sophisticated. Natural materials for the floor are a must. Hardwood provides a grounded foundation for your mindful meditation. It feels wonderful underfoot and it’s sustainable qualities are a sensible choice for your home.


Natural lighting in the form of interesting views combined with interior lighting is the perfect pairing to illuminate your wellness space. Pendant lights made from natural fibers are so popular now and complement the wellness aesthetic and provide spatial depth and interest. When AC is not available, the perfect solution is a Dyson Cool™ fan. With their powerful, quiet and safe features, this state-of-the-art fan projects a stream of smooth, high-velocity air, for personal cooling.


A comfortable space free of distractions is essential for calm, peace and balance. Oversized cushions, matts and a few well-placed toss cushions are the key furnishings to achieve a relaxing environment. An accent table or two serves as a safe place for aromatic candles, plants and your spiritual inspiration. Area rugs will soften the floor surface, add warmth, texture and interest while absorbing any background sounds.


An assortment of meaningful art and accessories will personalize your space. Textile art deepens the sensory experience with its tactile properties. Tibetan singing bowls offer many benefits, such as relaxation and stimulation to calm your brain waves. Having your own set of bowls allows you to experience the vibrations and sounds they transmit while appreciating the unique and artisanal features of this expressive instrument. A mirror is essential to keep your posture in check during yoga practice. One of the best-known uses for essential oils is their ability to assist you in unwinding after a tough day and including an aromatherapy diffuser in your meditation room will heighten your senses and help you relax. Nature is life and plants offer a living and breathing dimension. Including living plants inside your sanctuary space revitalizes the air, humidity and lowers stress levels for better wellness.

See Video below to learn more about Meditation Sound Baths.


Also known as ‘Meditation Sound Bath‘.  Follow along  for this fascinating and informative video that clearly demonstrates the step-by-step process  behind the craftsmanship and care that goes into each Singing Bowl from Dharmashop.com