Creativity takes courage  ~ Henri Matisse

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing a series of tips and techniques that reflect a courageous approach to design.  The series, Is Your Space Too Safe, will explore five interior design options that require boldness.  The payoff? Unique, personality-filled interiors that dare to leave “safe” behind.  


While it’s traditional to paint trim and walls in different shades, using the same colour can create a striking, signature look. 

You can deploy this seamless look in your own home, for a variety of different effects. 

  • In formal areas such as Living Rooms, Dining Rooms & Libraries, mouldings and trim are an integral design element. Matching the trim and walls can enhance the inviting atmosphere and make a lasting impression.  When all surfaces are painted in rich hues, not only do walls appear more elongated, the whole room seems more dramatic. Using a gloss finish on trim can accentuate the significance of these architectural details, add texture and create definition.
  • In rooms with ceilings lower than eight feet, a continuous line of colour eliminates horizontal breaks, creating the illusion of more height. Why make the ceiling seem lower with different coloured trim? Matching the walls and trim makes spaces feel larger, which is great for small to mid-size areas. It can also be an effective way to disguise ordinary trim rather than highlight it.   

In rooms both large and small, this unconventional technique is worth trying at home.