The following blog post, entitled ‘DESIGNED TO IMPRESS‘ –

Five reasons builders should include an interior designer on their teams’ was featured in the November 26, 2021 online issue of CANADIAN CONTRACTOR MAGAZINE.


Amparo Findlay is a residential designer and principle of her design studio, Amparo Findlay Interiors.

She has a long record of successfully guiding Toronto homeowners through the process of transforming their interior spaces into vibrant surroundings for comfort, relaxation and enjoyment. Her signature approach is to, listen closely to what clients need and create beautiful solutions that support their design objectives and complement their lifestyles. With a solid vision defined, Amparo prioritizes the planning phase by delivering actionable solutions and detailed design documentation to the builder or contractor.  This connection between homeowner and builder bridges ideas and wishes into reality.

She believes that on-going and accurate communication is critical for the building team to feel supported in their role to budget, plan, coordinate trades and successfully execute the design.

Amparo feels very fortunate that her business allows her the opportunity to create livable spaces for people to feel wonderful in. Her greatest reward is seeing an original idea transforming into a reality.  She also values the many meaningful relationships that she has developed with highly skilled builders and talented tradespeople. Their dedicated work is instrumental to this reward.

Amparo is an active member of DDA.  She graduated from the International Academy of Design with high honours.

For more information, or to learn more about how Amparo can help your design process,  connect with her at 416.662.7165 or visit her website at