‘Live in rooms filled with light’  ~ Gregory Kay

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing a series of tips and techniques that reflect a courageous approach to design.  The series, Is Your Space Too Safe, will explore five interior design options that require boldness.  The payoff? Unique, personality-filled interiors that dare to leave “safe” behind.  


When it comes to creating atmospheric effects, lighting is the ultimate design element. Layers of light not only assist with the various functions of daily living, but can change the very mood of a space. 

There is a vast selection of luminaires to choose from in multiple styles, finishes and budgets. Making bold choices can add drama, whimsy and interest. Pendants are the preferred choice over an island, but who says they have to match?  Why not try multiple shapes and colours. And, If you are blessed  with high ceilings, why not hang the pendants at different heights or space them unevenly.  Complementary colours will play up this adventurous detail while giving your space flair.

If you have lots of vertical space, a dropped ceiling with recessed lighting is another way to illuminate an island.  This is a bold statement that can provide visual interest and impart a more human scale on a large room. 

In bedrooms, a soft diffused solution always feels right. For example, Marset’s Gingr, https://www.marset.com/usa/lamps/wall/https://  is a wall light that indirectly illuminates spaces. Made of wood and metal, it projects a soft halo of indirect light from a curved plane of laminated wood.  In a grouping of various finishes and sizes, the effect is striking and bold.  Consider a grouping of three positioned on a feature wall for an unconventional approach. And let’s not forget dimmers to heighten the experience.

I hope these ideas will inspire you to consider a more dynamic approach when lighting  your next interior space.