As a residential designer, I assist busy professionals improve their lifestyles with beautiful, functional spaces.  I am committed to meaningful design and I create impactful interiors with classic style, contemporary vision and luxurious accents.

I thought I’d share the top six design principles that help me create elegant interior solutions.


Creating views is one of my objectives whenever I design an interior. That doesn’t always mean looking out from the property. Design details like feature walls can create perspective within a space. The room layout will often determine a feature wall’s placement, but the elements that define it can be expressive: Wood detailing, stone veneer and distinctive paint treatments are my top selections.

Then there’s the addition of personal art  choices – a feature wall can be the perfect display area. Accent lighting is also a must. Wall washers, track lighting and wall sconces can illuminate art and draw the eye.


Homes require maximum functionality for daily living. Custom built-ins can maximize wall space and provide much needed storage. I carefully evaluate clients’ storage and display requirements to create built-ins that complement other design elements.

With careful consideration of the architecture, and furnishings, beautiful cabinetry design melds seamlessly into a room. When it comes to display, I select luxurious hardware and surfaces to enhance the homeowners’ prized possessions.

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I love to use repetition in the interiors I design. The reoccurrence of a shape, colour or surface creates rhythm and harmony. Variations of shapes can reappear in imaginative ways, while colours can be used in multiple hues to add interest and dynamism to a room. The repetition of materials and surfaces provides consistency throughout a space or home, ensuring a refined finish.

Overall, an interior is successful when all these elements speak to each other. when repetition is utilized carefully and attentively the results are breathtaking.


Luxurious touches are a lovely way to impart a cultivated sensibility to an interior. I like to include a few luxurious touches in every property I work on; they make homeowners feel comfortable, indulged and satisfied in their everyday environment.

Some of my go-to picks are elegant stone surfaces, warm wood tones, sleek glass and mirrors, sophisticated colours, subdued accent lighting and bold statement hardware. When these elements are layered with inviting furnishings, soft carpets and dynamic accessories, the result is sumptuous.


The best materials and finishes are visibly superior, perform better day-to-day and last far longer than their less expensive equivalents. I always emphasize the value proposition of high-quality design elements: not only to they look better, they are a lasting investment.

I like to be able to stand by these choices, selecting materials that are sustainable both for the homeowner and the planet. Timeless interiors are the result.



Studies show that nature has a significant impact on our wellbeing, so it’s not a surprise that homeowners increasingly want plants inside their homes. A single space with an abundance of foliage is something I love to create.  Choosing plants of varied sizes, colours and textures create a dynamic look.  Varying plant placement using pedestals, stands and woven plant hangers will help to create s sense of depth, while an assortment of pots will create an attractive effect.

If light levels are not optimum, lush jungle wallpaper is on trend and can create the feeling of a garden room.