A nearby cupboard and bookcase was the logical location to extend much needed storage in this Riverdale home. The client’s requirements included additional dish and food storage as the adjacent kitchen didn’t quite meet these needs. Minimal demolition and disruption was the prerequisite for this storage makeover. Using existing openings, we designed 3 distinct areas and connected them with deep filler panels and a generous crown moulding across the width.

The new custom built-in appears as one large cupboard but is divided into 3 separate functions. Dishes and small appliances fit perfectly into a double door cupboard on the left. A custom shelving insert, constructed of hard rock maple, provides plenty of food storage in the next section. An existing electrical plug on the far right presented us with the perfect opportunity to store and charge an electric broom. Cleaning supplies are conveniently kept in this narrow utility cupboard within close reach of the kitchen – a handy alternative to the main utility/broom closet that is located on the 2nd floor.

With premium custom millwork detailing and all storage requirements met, this area now feels and functions as an extension of the Kitchen.

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Former storage did not accommodate dishes & pantry items.


Lots of deep storage for dishes and glassware. In the adjoining section is the pantry space and utility cupboard.