This greeting of thanks is long overdue. We moved back into our home the end of July 2017.

We truly love the renovations and your choice of fixtures, colours, textures, practical layouts, etc.

Many of our friends and family have raved about the choices and we credit you for making our house a home.

Camilla Wong

I wanted to thank you for your hard work and great advice.

The reno is effectively done and looks great. I cannot believe how much larger and better designed our kitchen is compared to before.

The island/table design is excellent.

Murray Stieber

Amparo re-decorated & is continually redecorating my home in a most professional manner.  She showed attention to detail, provided excellent workmanship and offered choices in the decision-making process.  I appreciated Ms Findlay’s flexibility in incorporating some of my furniture pieces by having these beautifully re-upholstered.  It was a pleasure to work with her in transforming my home.  Her work has far surpassed any expectations and she has created an elegant and comfortable living space for me and my family. In addition, the details and embellishments she added showed great artistry.

Her ability to co-ordinate colours and patterns have created an incredibly warm and enriched atmosphere.  I would highly recommend Ms Findlay to future clients and I am confident that they will be most satisfied with the work completed under her direction.

M. Bubrin

My wife and I were very pleased with Amparo’s design services. She took the time to listen to our needs and created window coverings for our home which are, not only beautiful but, complimentary and reflective of our style.

Thanks Amparo, it was a pleasure.

N. & V. Thomas

Amparo Findlay had helped me with many design and decorating projects in the past in my house including a major renovation project. I liked working with Amparo. She was always professional and diplomatic, never pressuring me to make a decision I might not like.  We worked well together. I realized then that Amparo might just be the one I needed to make a successful move. I was right.

Amparo helped me make the necessary decisions concerning the contents of my home—what to keep, what to give away, what to sell. Additionally she helped me furnish and decorate the apartment. Beautifully I might add.  This was wonderful for me. I was able to make the transition gracefully and successfully and without regrets.

Margaret Pickard