The past year has seen great change and uncertainty. Simplicity will be the response. Nature has always been a source of inspiration for designers seeking new ideas, and the natural world will continue to inspire trends in 2021.

Stone, with its sense of permanence will provide this bedrock of reality in our lives. Stone speaks to truth and fundamental law. In interiors, stone walls ground a space and connect us with the earth. The Desert is also a source of rich inspiration and great significance. As we continue to explore other planets, the desert is a place where we can examine basic ideas about survival and comfort within a harsh landscape. As we embrace these truths, we understand the small pleasures of vast views and simple forms.



In 2021, our homes will reflect a desire for cavern-like interiors, sources of refuge with three walls and unobscured rear views into the distance. The shelter within expresses the spirit of the desert

In architecture, the strong juxtaposition of technology and natural elements will continue as a driving force. Large round ceiling openings will encourage us to look up, inviting meditation and contemplation. Indirect lighting and disk-shaped luminaires will achieve a similar mystical effect. With Inspiration from luxurious and popular cave hotels, niches carved into walls will be popular. Materials adapt to stone and light defines its edges, creating shadows and dimension. Bedrooms will be womb-like with light, soft bedding floating within the heaviness of stone.

The spa tradition will continue with renewed importance. Self-care is one of our ways of taking care of the Earth. In a world of uncertainty, we crave an oasis of calm and clarity to quiet the voice within. The desert aesthetic with its purity of line and simplicity naturally complements this spa environment.



Inspired by the desert landscape, 2021’s colours will be rich, monochromatic, textured, light, and extremely bright. Shadowed areas provide the high contrast, while yellows, terra-cottas and mossy greens will appear as accents.

Trends in 2021 will reflect the future we wish to build. With the exploration of new habitats on the Moon and Mars, extraterrestrial landscapes will be referenced along with the desert. Our imaginations will understand the journey through mythical terrain, with colour providing rich inspiration. The fantasy colours of outer space, like purple and mauve with green can be sophisticated and elegant. Austere winter landscapes hold colour too – think of cool clean blues, and crystal reflections of pink and green.

As in architecture, rock will emerge in new and exciting everyday surfaces. An interest in volcanic rock, which resembles moonrock will be seen in sculpture and accessories. High tech will meet low tech as we alter nature in our interior landscapes. The process of Shou Sugi Ban, which is the charring of the outer wood plank to protect a facade against weather and insects, will be popular. The juxtaposition between technology and nature will also be seen in the trend of taking regular objects and building up with crystals.



Urns and vessels with their ability to hold precious water, will be seen in accessories. These will be the antithesis of machine-made products, created from basic natural elements to convey a spiritual and foundational feeling. In Art & Sculpture, tone on tone palettes and dark matte surfaces will allow organic shapes to be distinguished by shadow. Raku, a Japanese style of pottery, captures this aesthetic perfectly with its unpretentious and primitive characteristics. The fundamental shapes are basic and whimsical, referencing mythical animals.

Expect to see furnishings that adapt to the rigid structures surrounding them. These shapes will be curvy and organic, inspired by human and biomorphic forms – a reminder that we have to take care of our fundamental selves and embrace a more playful sensibility. Furniture will be modern, soft and malleable, with warm and tactile textures such as mixed fibers. This juxtaposition of hard and soft surfaces will support a vision of the soul connected to the grounding earth and its fundamental laws.