Designing  Walk-in-Closets is one of our favourite spaces to create. Having a neatly organized place for our wardrobe and belongings provides a sense of order and well-being. A lovely place for self-expression is a wonderful way to start your day!

To maximize the available space and preserve the plaster cornice mouldings, we opted for open and accessible storage. Custom millwork was integrated seamlessly into this existing footprint.


Organization and elegance allow for flair and self-expression.

The custom millwork finish included clear maple and special paint for the gables. This combination of finishes defines the fresh and feminine feel of this space. Clothes, shoes and accessories are stored with the utmost care.


The client has an extensive collection of wonderful accessories and asked for a place to properly store and display them. We designed a Custom Cabinet | Dressing Table with jewelry drawers and shelves for handbags and hats. Open the centre doors to reveal a surface for favorite jewelry and a dressing mirror.

The metallic paint is a special feature of this interior. It sparkles and reflects light and combines beautifully with the natural maple. A soft wispy wallpaper with a peacock feather design adds a touch of flare and femininity. A combination of indirect lighting and overall lighting from the silk and crystal chandelier adds an elegant and sophisticated touch. Swarovski crystal knobs complete the look.

Space is maximized in this walk-in-closet. The ottoman opens for storage of bulkier items.


Quality and craftsmanship are evident throughout in this custom Armoire|Dressing Table. Note the details, all carefully planned and selected to ensure ease of function, lifestyle and continued enjoyment of such a special piece.


Preparing this space for a new function required demolishing the tiled walls and floor.

The raised ceiling with indirect lighting and moulding details was maintained. The glass window, allowing natural light into an adjoining room was preserved.

Due to the size of the hot tub, it had to be removed in pieces.

Our team of skilled tradesman handled the project in the most professional manner. When you work with us, you can be certain that our commitment to delivering a positive customer experience is always prioritized.


The original function of this room was a spa. It contained a hot tub. The homeowner  no longer used the tub and preferred to designate the space as a Walk-in-Closet. Our design vision and execution fulfilled and exceeded her wish!