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Does your new lifestyle include a new living space?

Assisting Seniors adjust to a beautifully created suite in their new retirement community is my design focus as I love to address mindful living to improve personal well-being. Our customer service experience provides a process that is sensitive and as seamless as possible.

We accomplish this by listening closely to the client and their family to fully understand their wishes. We will develop a move management plan for a new space that fulfills their wish for a safe, functional yet beautiful interior. In addition, this lifestyle is supported by the client’s wish to surround themselves with a curated collection of meaningful objects reflective of their personal style and life journey.

Our Interiors are calm, classic and impactful as I believe these qualities are the foundation for a meaningful and relaxing space.

About Me

My clients would describe me as caring, knowledgeable and patient. My expertise removes the stress and confusion of design projects and my access to reliable suppliers provides excellent results. We will work closely with your family to ensure all objectives are met in the most thoughtful manner so that your parent or loved one feels comfortable in their new home.

My personal experience transitioning my mother into a LTHC community reinforced the need for compassion and professionalism and we bring these values to every client we serve.

Our customer service experience is sensitive and as seamless as possible.

If your parent’s lifestyle includes a change to their living space, we are available to help.

All clients will receive an Individual move management plan to fulfill their wish for an efficient and organized move followed by a safe, functional & beautiful interior.

Our Service Features include:

  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Colour, Finish, Lighting, Furniture and Accessory Selection
  • Re-upholstery and Window Treatments
  • Coordination with Designer’s Trades, Suppliers and Building Management
  • Retirement Home Transition
  • Estate Dispersal Service
  • Downsizing Management
  • Moving & coordination placement of furniture & accessories

We are based in Cambridge
and service the Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo areas

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client testimonial

Amparo Findlay had helped me with many design and decorating projects in the past in my house including a major renovation project. I liked working with Amparo. She was always professional and diplomatic, never pressuring me to make a decision I might not like. We worked well together. I realized then that Amparo might just be the one I needed to make a successful move. I was right.

Amparo helped me make the necessary decisions concerning the contents of my home—what to keep, what to give away, what to sell. Additionally she helped me furnish and decorate the apartment. Beautifully I might add. This was wonderful for me. I was able to make the transition gracefully and successfully and without regrets.

– Margaret Pickard